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Acacia Wood Cutting Boards Maintenance, Oiling And Reviews

Acacia wood cutting board is so popular because acacia is naturally rich and dark-grained wood. If you love cooking a lot, then you must know about the best quality cutting boards. All delicious meals start with preparing with many ingredients. The cutting board is essential for kitchenware but also depending on your cooking style. If a cutting board made from glass or plastic material will damage your knives faster. And you know that a dull knife does not perform to its total capacity.

Is Acacia wood good for cutting boards?

Acacia is a top choice for a cutting board. Whether they’re plastic, glass, or stainless steel, many boards are not only noisy but will also damage your knives. Acacia is naturally hardwood that is dark in type. It does not dull your expensive knives. Acacia tree flourishes in the desert and tropical deserts that make it sustainable. In addition, acacia trees grow faster from teak and oak. It is a perfect wood grain for a cutting board.

 Acacia wood cutting board resistant to water, scratch, and insects. It is very durable, and its various color enhances its beauty. If you want a cutting board with all important aspects like durability, water resistance, and beauty, acacia is the best choice.  It can also use as a serving platter to enhance part of its beauty. If a knife hitting against a hard surface, it will be bent and lose its superiority.

Research shows that 99.9% wood cutting board is much better than a plastic cutting board.  If you are hygienic and worried that all old wives` wood tables are less sanitary than plastic in the kitchen, all bacteria placed on the wood cutting board die in three minutes after contamination. On the other hand, the soft surface of the plastic cutting board is more prone and grooves from the sharp edge of a knife. It creates an upbringing ground for bacteria.

You will get all benefits from an acacia cutting board at a low price from other woods like maple and teak. It is the one-third price of maple and much more affordable than a walnut.

How Do I Care for My Acacia Wood Cutting Board?

Any wooden cutting board requires maintenance; it is part of the deal.  This is the reason why people prefer plastic cutting boards because you can soap and throw them in the dishwasher. If you avoid wooden cutting boards because of their daily maintenance, taking time, then you are wasting your money.

Wooden cutting boards need maintenance to preserve their shine and extend their lifetime. If you are not, they will crack and wrap quickly. Acacia wood cutting board will be outlast everything else in your kitchen if you properly maintain it. Your acacia cutting board is not only durable but also safe for your knives.

Acacia cutting board oil

Oil gives a brand new look to a cutting board and renews the shine of your thought was lasts forever. Oil enters in small cracks, and dents fill the space between them, making it harder for bacteria to enter. Many oils are used in the market, but mineral-based and food grades are specially used for wooden cutting boards. The process takes one or two days, and it needs steps to dry out.

Some brand preseason their cutting board during manufacturing steps so, some products need to be oiled before their first use. If your acacia cutting board is seasoned before use, confirm it you do that. However, after using a cutting board, wash with warm water and dry out before storing it.

 It is wrong to put your cutting board in the dishwasher and underwater. Although some acacia cutting board friendly dishwasher.  But also need the cutting board oiling daily, weekly, and monthly. It depends on how frequently you utilize the cutting board.

Cleaning Your Acacia wood Cutting Board

Acacia cutting board clean after every use and also clean thoroughly clean before applying the oil. By the way, your cutting board must be oiled once a month or when it is dry to touch.  When you clean the cutting board’s surface, use a gentle cleaning solution and white vinegar; it helps clean and removes bacteria and germs. Don’t sink it in the water, though; give tint under the warm water, then wipe it and dry it in the open air.

When it comes to cleaning, a gentle cleaning solution or some white vinegar is good to scrub with as it will help to remove germs and bacteria. Don’t submerge in water, though. Simply give it a quick rinse under warm water, then wipe dry and allow some time for it to continue drying in the open air. A few hours should do the trick.


  • Clean the wood: You should clean and dry your cutting board as soon as possible
  • Apply the oil: for applying oil using a clean, soft cloth or paper towel.
  • Let it soak in: Leave the oil overnight for soaking or at least a few hours.

Review of the Best Acacia Wood Cutting Board To Buy

1- Ironwood Gourmet Carolina Chopping Board, Acacia Wood

Ironwood is a beautiful end grain cutting board. Acacia wood is free from bacteria and sourced reliably from agriculturists. Its cutting space is friendly, for the knife does not get scratched. It protects the blade of your knife from getting blunt because it is wear-resistant. Its Carolina chopping board feature shallow grooves that help to collect excess liquid.

This product can be easily used as a cutting board to a serving tray. You will need to always oil this product to help retain the shine and enhance the lifespan.


  • Smooth edge
  • End grain design
  • Versatile
  • Wear-resistant


  • No handle for the proper carrying of the board

2 – Reversible Multipurpose Thick Acacia Wood Cutting Board

FSC approves it; this eco-friendly cutting board is sourced from sustainable farms. It has two handles that make it easy to carry from the kitchen to the dining table. They provide a good grip when holding. This product reaches in a nice pack, and you can give it as a gift to a friend. It is strongly built to last with a beautiful finish and perfect weight. One side provides a chasm that can serve cooked meals such as meats, bread, biscuits, and more.


  • Integrated handle

  • FSC approved

  • 1-year replacement guarantee

  • Reversible cutting board


  • Must be hand washed

3 – Home Hero Large Wood Cutting Board with Handle

In case you are in search of a high-quality cutting board that is inexpensive but versatile. Home hero acacia wood cutting board is a perfect choice for you. It comes in a beautiful box, making it an ideal gift item for any occasion, including birthdays. This stunning piece of kitchenware is reversible, and it includes extra accessories such as a cleaning brush, a 2-stage knife sharpener, and a serrated cheese knife from Home hero.

 It is sanitarily built and does not store up bacteria. Cleaning this board is much easier with the wooden cleaning brush. Moreover, since this product includes a knife sharpener, retaining the sharp edge of your knives has become an easy task.


  • Includes bonus accessories
  • Antibacterial wood
  • Innovative design with spout
  • Double-sided board
  • Neatly packed in a box


  • Some users complained about the rough finish on the side handles.

4 – Hardwood Chef Premium Thick Acacia Wood End Grain Cutting Board

This reversible cutting board is built with premium quality Malaysian acacia wood and has the perfect balance and heft to handle tough chopping jobs. It functions as both a cutting board and a serving tray.

One side of the board can be dedicated to cutting and the other for displaying cooked foods. It is well suited for all kinds of kitchens. This product arrives in a gift box, making it a perfect ready-made gift item for your loved ones, and includes a bonus ebook filled with care information. The natural wood surface will help protect the razor-sharp edge of your knife blade.


  • Juices grooves
  • Sturdy
  • Sustainable sourced
  • The wood is extra thick
  • Multi-functional


  • Gets scratch easily
  • Requires extra care frequently

5- Soulfino Premium Acacia Cutting Board

Are you looking for a premium quality cutting board that adds aesthetic value to your kitchen counter and also performs other functions? The Soulfino premium acacia wood cutting board is the perfect one for you. The acacia board is hard enough to provide you with safe cutting and soft enough to prevent your knife from getting blunt or damaged.

The end grain holds up to brutal chopping on your knife and the cutting board. This heavy-duty board is ideal for serving food and also for cutting ingredients.


  • Scratch-resistant
  • Insert handles
  • A perfect gift item
  • Extra-large surface
  • It doesn’t warp up 


  • It does not include extra accessories needed for maintenance


The handles on the cutting board are for convenience. Some boards are designed with integrated handles on both sides and others with a long handle on one edge. The handle of the cutting board should not be slippery or uncomfortable to grip.

acacia wood cutting board


Do you want a design with a smooth flat surface or a grooved surface? Well, for this, your need for a cutting board will help you answer this question more conveniently. A grooved surface is best for juicy foods, and a flat cutting board is well suited for cutting dry ingredients.

One of the unique features of a cutting board is its design. Whether it has a flat surface or it comes with grooves around the edge, it will always cut your ingredients. There are numerous products with both surfaces, which are limited to just one type of cutting surface. Because of its versatility, we recommend that you settle for a model with a reversible design. However, whichever one you end up buying, make sure it satisfies your kitchen needs.


As you invest in a quality kitchen knife, it is important to also invest in a cutting board that won’t damage the blade. Acacia cutting boards are neither too porous to decay nor too extreme to damage your expensive knives.

They are designed to last for years and still retain their looks if properly maintained. Buying any of the acacia wood cutting boards reviewed in this article will be one of the best decisions you will ever make.

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