acacia wood flooring

Acacia Wood Flooring Review, Installation, Sustainability and Pros & Cons

Acacia wood is used for flooring and have many benefits. It creates stunning flooring. Acacia wood flooring has a distinctive grain pattern and smooth surface. It fits with many aesthetic styles and give you a lot of design option.

Acacia Wood Flooring

Acacia wood flooring is waterproof. it is the best choice for watery areas like the kitchen and bathroom. You can mop and sweep on floor to remove dust daily. The floor does not absorb moisture. And it prevents the floor from bacterial growth and susceptibility to mold. It also provides health benefits, especially about breath.
Acacia has proved to be a perfect and durable wood as British Navy has revealed. They made boat from acacia wood. Its hardness and density shows. it can use for heavy furniture pieces like the dining table and wardrobe. Acacia lumber liquidity is not too high. it is ideally used in every climate and is water-resistant plus sustainable.

Acacia wood flooring review

Acacia wood flooring does not shrink and wraps quickly. Due of its high hardness and low moisture content. Investment in acacia last for ages; it provides value to a homeowner for a long time. Another plus point is it is easy to maintain as compare to many other floorings. It is easy to maintain its shine and beauty because it needs only polish and wash.
It is also a good choice for the family due to its durability, and it can not easily damage. Acacia is easy to walk on and tends to hold warm. it can use for indoor and outdoor.
In the rating of Janka, hardness for small leaf is 2200. And for a large leaf is 1700. this wood is more challenging than other wood species . As white oak is 1360, and red oak is 1290, but it is not hard as exotic wood like African cedar is 2600.
acacia wood flooring

Hardwood provides two benefits

First, it is long lasting ,acacia wood will last 50 to 100 years, depending on its thickness. it is very durable. it can be refinished.  It can be refinished multiple times over its lifetime and look new each time. But the warranties are shorter than when used in residential applications. 

The Pros and Cons of Acacia Flooring

Pros of acacia wood flooring

Beauty and color

The number of trees used for flooring. they provides have an excellent variety like dark brown, Rusty red, off-white, golden, and yellow. With different grain patterns and textures. If you know more about flooring color and variation, you will face low problems.
Acacia is unique as distinct grain of this wood. it combines everything from rich, deep brown, and auburn red to pale figurine and fawn. These colors in planks provide a multi-colored wood appearance. It shows two species of acacia are not exactly the same. we can left acacia natural or stained. It looks desirable with a hand-scraped finish. That gives it a traditional, homey warmness and a sense of fine artistry.

Long lasting

It provides many years of dependable existence before replacing and refinishing.

Easily maintainable

It is quick and easy to mop and sweep the floor , as acacia wood flooring does not trap dirt and allergens as carpet does. It requires no special cleaning. This wood flooring does not need daily care requirements. If you want to clean, then sweep and mop once a week.
Its surface is scratchless from moderate amounts of debris. Its multi-color hides dirt, so it always looks good if you have no time to clean the floor. Acacia can last for ten years or longer before you’ll need to refinish.


Acacia flooring is costly because it provides excellent lifetime value. it also has moderate prices with durability and low maintenance. Acacia looks expensive, but it is less costly than many exotic kinds of wood like teak and rosewood. Acacia wood maintenance on the floor offer you a cost-effective investment for long term.
 It is available in several options like solid, engineered, and laminated according to your budget. A machine scraped is less costly than a hand-scraped finish; it brings the cost down. Installation isn’t complicated, so you won’t have to worry about costs there.

Resistance to fungus and from water

Acacia is installing in above all grades and below grades, and it is naturally resistant to moisture. It means it is natural resist to fungus and water.

Eco friendly

It grows quickly and almost in all areas. harvesting and production need insufficient secretion. and wood is recyclable for further use. It is also called green flooring choice. Acacia tree does not require special kind of treatment such as fertilizer or pesticides. And keep the environment safe from these chemicals. It can grow in any region and that is why it is climate friendly.

Multipurpose installation

The installation procedure varies. From product to manufacturer including nailing, floating, and gluing the material.
acacia wood flooring

Excellent Durability

Acacia floor is so durable, it is a popular option with 50 years of guarantee; it is long-living. It stands up for pets and kids because it is so hard as compare to many other kinds of wood like oak and maple. Regardless of its hardness, acacia has excellent flexibility. So, it is comfortable under feet.
 It does not wrapped in a moist climate due to its natural water resistance and mold growth. It is also fire-resistant. If you install it in the kitchen or the washroom, you do not have to mop, and it does not cause any major falls.

Environmental Sustainability

Although considered an exotic hardwood, acacia grows quickly. And it requires little more water, fertilizers, or pesticides. This makes it a much more environmental friendly. And it is good choice for wood flooring than other popular exotic hardwoods. It stands up so well for generations. To ensure the acacia flooring you buy is eco-friendly, look for a product. That certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) or a similar organization.

Flooring option for selection

The floor is make of solid, laminate, and from various planks widths. And clear choices such as hand-carved and hand-scraped finishes. Acacia wood flooring has a variety of planks’ width structure and texture.

First, you have to decide the structure of engineered and solid. In engineered wood, the surface layer of acacia flooring made with other species. But solid made with the same wood. Its width and textures add charm to a home. It is important when deciding various options as acacia gain so much attraction in the flooring world.

Acacia flooring cons

Planks length

In flooring, short trees and shrubs are not used. Planks are the modified acacia wood for flooring purposes.

Acacia trees are taller than regular trees. And their planks are make from acacia tree. It is typically around 2 feet and rarely around 4 feet. These short lengths may change the appearance of your floor. Because more planks are used in it. The number of joints provides odd looks on the floor.

 When buying acacia flooring, make sure that planks have been adequately kiln-dried. If the process is not complete, this will put planks at risk of shrinking after installation. This happens particularly in very dry, desert-climate homes.


The problem occurs when the acacia wood dries in a dry climate and furniture shrinks.


It is costly as compared to many carpets and sheets of flooring.

Inconsistent Coloring and Design Limitations

Acacia’s coloring doesn’t appeal to everyone. And the lack of long planks only increases the unusual look of floors made with this wood.

Irregular Appearance

In color variations, acacia also often comes with bumps and other irregularities. Its colors variation for some people is showy and causes distraction. When designing the room. You’ll consider its striking appearance that draws the eye to the floor. Sometimes stain the floor also out coloring if you chose dark color. You prefer floor sheets and give shade; acacia is not a good option as maple and walnut.

Acacia Flooring Options

Acacia wood has three types of  production.

Solid Acacia wood flooring

Solid acacia is 19mm thick, and its width ranges from 3 to 5. Acacia is produced in solid wood, and usually hand-scraped.

Engineered Acacia flooring

Engineered acacia flooring thickness is available in 10mm to 12mm and widths of planks 3 to 5. It ha high standard and is hand-scraped. Solid acacia base wears layer and engineered is Polyword.

Laminated Acacia flooring

The features of acacia in photographic applique are attached with wood in the composite base and covered with a protective layer. Its thickness is from 7mm to 15mm, and it has a variety of planks length. Numerous colors are available in all the acacia flooring products. Warranties of acacia are as little as five years to 50 years for cheap laminated acacia flooring.

acacia wood flooring

Most excellent Applications of Acacia Flooring:

Acacia provides the natural indenture to modern contemporary homes, which is not included in hardwood floors as a crucial point. It is the top leading choice of builders for their dream homes; it provides a sophisticated look and gives a wow factor for holding an open house. 

Similar Flooring:

Some trees have very similar qualities to acacia, like hickory and Brazilian pecan. These are also a good option for flooring. Both of these also have multi-color variety and excellent hardness.

latest benefits in flooring

if you are finding a unique and stunning look for your home, acacia is one of the best choices. You can design according to your home, wall,  or room. Most people use acacia for renovation because its stunning and unique looks only fits into the designs of certain rooms and homes. However, many people decide to rennovate their homes with acacia wood because it has a stunning look, unlike any other wood species.

Acacia wood flooring look

Suppose you have a large open room such as a common area or commercial application. In that case, this could make your floor appear too occupied.  Acacia, like any exotic, is also known to shrink when installed in extremely dry homes

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