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Minecraft is a video game in which players find different types of trees of Acacia.  Acacia Wood is used to Craft Acacia Planks, which are essential Crafting ingredients. It can also be founded in Charcoal. The color of planks is orange, and only acacia wood has this unique color.

Acacia Wood Minecraft

 The home of the acacia tree is the Savanna biome. Meanwhile, Acacia wood Minecraft in planks is easy to sport. They have the unique color orange. Add a unique look to the structure although, the acacia wood widely uses due to its uniqueness. The player builds Acacia for enjoyment, but it also looks unique and attractive when it is made.

Acacia planks look excellent, and the players always find a way to how they get orange blocks. Acacia trees are 8 blocks tall and their features different diagonal trunks and may infrequently have many blinds

Where do we find acacia wood in Minecraft?

 Savanna biomes have a unique appearance, and it is hard to miss in Minecraft. Acacia trees are most often slanted. Acacia trees are not round, and their leaves are flat and have a two to three-block height. Savanna grass is also softer than other biomes. Although, these biomes do not use for a walk because it often near deserts or plants.

 In this game, only one type of wood, if using any other wood upper block color, for an instant, does not show orange. It is already telling that acacia blocks have a unique color. Acacia wood must use in every block craft and using regular recipes of crafting. Any other wood, if we used the color of the block, will not be orange. They use the same color already used by blocks.

Types of block in acacia wood Minecraft

Tree type of blocks in Acacia Minecraft have; however, each block requires seven blocks of empty space above the spelling to grow. If you cut one down obviously, you see it is full orange glory. But if you are not cutting the tree down, only see what is inside of the block. And then take a wander through a savannah village, which is primarily comprised of acacia wood.

Real-world Acacia wood Minecraft

Real-world Acacia is pretty different from its Minecraft personification. The name represents a whole family of more than 1,300 kinds of plants, including shrubs, bushes, and actual trees. The ones in Minecraft seem to be based on two different types of real-world plants. In addition,  the colorful wood is likely demonstrated after the bright-orange insides of the Acacia Koa tree found in Hawaii.

The structure of the tree

The structure of the tree, on the other hand, is closer to southern Africa’s Vachellia Erioloba, also known as the “camel thorn” tree, which has dark reddish-brown wood and a nice leafy canopy that you’ll recognize from traveling around Minecraft’s savannah. This shape changed because it lets the tree capture the maximum amount of sunlight with the smallest leaves.


The system of trees is distinct.  Acacia tree branches do not grow as other trees branches. Therefore, Some trees are straight logs and curve at the top and bottom, and some from bottom to top. The blind consists of two layers and sometimes three.

  Three types of acacia tree found in the game:

  • The first one is the common acacia tree which has a diagonal truck and a single-blind.
  • Second is the multi-canopy of the acacia tree, where trunks around the middle of plant each end-to-end canopy.
  • The third form of multi-canopy of Acacia, the straight trunk, is topped with as all canopy, small additional trunk ending in a second high canopy. These trees are taller than the acacia tree.

Acacia wood Minecraft house ideas

Minecraft house ideas take time, but it is more convenient to build your dream house. Different types of house ideas fascinate your creativity and save your money. Although,  It can be a stain in a bold color like brown, red, and gold because of its unique grain patterns.

Acacia wood Minecraft IDs

Minecraft has item have unique IDs. These IDs use for taking command in-game. It also uses different types of tools for breaking acacia wood blocks and is calculated with a formula.

Acacia wood Minecraft seeds

The seed used in Minecraft is Savanna seed; it has different versions. However, Savanna seed spawns you in the jungle biome because it is near to jungle edge. When you come closer, you will hear the sound of a parrot. When you go to the East, you will find a biome with many wildlife such as sheep, pigs, and cows.


Acacia tree seed only in the savanna biome.

Item and Block of acacia wood Minecraft


Items obtained from all variants of Acacia:


Acacia leaves(harvested with shears)


Acacia log(harvested with any tool including hands)


Acacia planks(created from a log in the inventory crafting grid)


Acacia sapling (1⁄20 chance of dropping when leaves decay or are broken)


Stripped acacia log(created by using an axe on a log)



Acacia saplings can be planted on:




Grass block


coarse Dirt





An acacia tree in Minecraft requires a 3×3 column of unobstructed space at least seven blocks above the sapling; however, eight blocks, including the sapling itself. Additionally, the tree requires 5×5 layers without a barrier for the top 3 layers of its final height. No horizontal clearance is needed at the tree’s base. A sapling planted in a hole one block deep can still grow.

Foliage colors

An acacia tree is divided between a savanna biome and a swamp biome. The color of the leaves may differ because depending on where the tree generates. For example, if an acacia tree is in a colder biome, such as taiga or mountains, it has a blue-green hue.

Leaves are checked individually for biome coloration rather than as part of a giant tree; as such, trees that grew between biomes usually have multiple shades on each side.


If Issues accrue relating to Acacia are maintained on the bug tracker. You can Report issues there.


In real life, Acacia is a genus of trees. The acacia sapling color is different from the fully grown tree, as acacia bark is gray. In contrast, the sapling’s bark is brownish-orange like the interior of the cultivated tree’s log.

Built with Acacia

Would you consider building it with Acacia instead? Acacia locates in the savannah biomes. Acacia wood isn’t too hard to get and can neat up any build with a splash of color.

What would you use orange wood for? We’ve seen several builds that feature Acacia as a roofing material. Especially when contrasted with dark wood, we agree it is perfect for that. You indeed would find it harder to get lost seeing a bright roof in the distance. Or you can use it as the primary material instead, as Kunipshun Fit demonstrates here.

Is acacia wood good Minecraft?

Acacia wood can be used in many different builds to add a unique look to the structure. However,  not many players enjoy building with Acacia wood, but the build always looks unique and gorgeous. Since Acacia wood planks look unique, on the other hand, players often wonder how they can obtain the orange blocks.

What goes well with Acacia?

A festively playful hue, try pairing Acacia, burnt orange, and green accents with a cream base to create a tropical sandy retreat. If you want to design an inviting and warm space, pair Acacia with furniture and fixtures made of natural wood or contain natural tones.

How do you make acacia wood in Minecraft?

Some step you should fellow

  • Find an Acacia Tree. First, you need to find an acacia tree in your Minecraft world.
  • Hold an Axe. Although you can use your hand to chop down an acacia tree, we prefer to use a tool such as an axe.
  • Chop the Tree Trunk.
  • Pick up the Acacia Log.

Is Acacia a tropical wood?

Acacia is a genus of about 160 trees and shrubs in the pea family. Acacias are native to tropical and subtropical regions of the world, particularly Australia and Africa, where they are well-known landmarks on the savanna.

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